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Hi, I’m Laura - a marketer by trade and storyteller at heart.

Storyteller. Marketer. Empathy Warrior.

Hi, I'm Laura and I train dragons.


Not literal dragons, but those dragon-like emotions that are powerful and unruly. I help people turn their emotions into courageous empathy – transforming conflict into connection. I write stories and coach people on how to have civil conversations with others who may believe differently.

I'm a marketer by trade and storyteller at heart. In recent years, I've made data science easy to understand at a London startup, helped launch a marketing apprenticeship program for recent grads, facilitated a mentorship program to connect early-stage startups with established corporations, and self-published a book (Engaging Difficult People: 100 Practical Lessons on Empathy and How It Transforms Our Relationships).

With Southern roots, I grew up in Georgia and still cook with more butter than is healthy. I believe life is too short for bad coffee and can often be found working and writing from one of my favorite coffee shops.

Waving from San Francisco,


Career Highlights and Accomplishments Author

  • Self-published a book titled Engaging Difficult People: 100 Practice Lessons on Empathy and How It Transforms Our Relationships (Available on Amazon.)
  • What people are saying: "This was a delightful walk and challenge pushing in each chapter to flex my empathy muscle. As the chapters fly by I could feel myself simply caring more. It didn't change the difficult people around me, but it did change the way I interacted with them and improved each encounter. Thank you, Laura." - Russell J. Class-wide Coach at Seth Godin's altMBA

  • Coached 300+ students worldwide during online quarterly workshops (6-weeks long) with 98% completion.
  • Increased student engagement by 176% by writing micro prompts and hosting live, class-wide sessions. Content Marketing Manager and Strategist

  • Designed and built this website.
  • Generated 400% increase in sessions in one quarter by partnering with experts on collaborative projects.
  • Managed freelancers to create remarkable content, making complex topics accessible and SEO friendly.
  • Designed and implemented a content pillar marketing strategy to launch a new startup. Corporate Marketer and Operations Manager

  • Took initiative to create a comprehensive internal training resource using Google Sites.
  • Coached startups on pitches, planned and directed demo day with 500+ attendees and 30+ presenting startups.
  • Managed 55 corporate partners and IoT, FinTech, and Retail Accelerator programs with 20-30 startups each. Partner Liaison and Project Manager

  • Acquired 12 (of 14 current) strategic college partners and negotiated favorable terms for all parties.
  • Successfully integrated new partners with 140 new product offerings by managing company-wide projects.
  • Developed extensive research skills to curate courses for custom degree plans.