Here, I made this.

In addition to designing and building this website, here are a few pieces of content I created with empathy and shipped with generosity.


[Book] Engaging Difficult People: 100 Practical Lessons on Empathy and How It Transforms Our Relationships

In an increasingly polarized culture, we need a better way to communicate with people who may have drastically different beliefs. This book shines a light on a new way forward in difficult conversations. (Available on Amazon.)


[Email Course] Playbook for Building Goal-Oriented Teams - Lesson 1

Fast growth requires razor-sharp focus. This 4-part email course shows how some of the fastest growing online businesses unite their teams around a handful of metrics that matter most to their company.


[Guide] A Guide to Basic Data Analysis

This piece was written for managers and leaders who use data every day in their job, but don't have a background in statistics. It's practical, easy to understand, and immediately actionable.


[Glossary] Data Science Terms Explained

For professionals who haven't studied data science, it can seem like a foreign language. This glossary explains key data science terms in plain English.


[Landing Page] Transitioning From College to Career: The Bigger Story

Landing that first job after college is hard and sometimes involves spending years doing odd jobs or unrelated work. What if there was a better way? Discover the context and case for digital marketing apprenticeships in this Bigger Story.


[Blog Post] The Ultimate Startup Metrics Guide: 5 KPIs that VCs Recommend

Getting all the data is easy. Finding and focusing on the most important data is hard. In this blog post, venture capitalists recommend five key metrics for founders to focus on as they grow their startup. As a bonus, calculations for each metric are included.